The aim of this work package is to implement algorithms and related software for the realisation of the mass scale according to the new definition. Currently, the mass scale realisation is performed at the level of experienced NMIs. One of the main difficulties in this realisation is the implementation of the algorithms which elaborate the data, for which competences in advanced mathematics are required. On the other hand, the software used at the NMIs for the realisation of the mass scale are specifically dedicated to particular requirements established by each individual laboratory. As a consequence, this software is not adaptable to different requirements.

The objective is to develop software with functions that allow easy configuration, which are adequate for the needs of the user, for the easy elaboration of the data. The algorithms used for the calculation of the mass of the weights will be based on the methods developed in WP1 and the results from practical measurements from WP2. The software solutions produced will be adopted by all partners during the interlaboratory comparison organised as a part of WP2.